1. Tell Us Who You Are | Proof Of Residency Will Be Required

2. Please Indicate The Estimated Total Volume of Waste

3. Choose Event That You Wish to Attend

If you are registering for an event that your town is hosting or co-hosting, proof of residency on site will suffice.

Visitors, please see "COLLECTION REGULATIONS" below for authorization and payment details.

4. Choose a "Drop Off" Time

Registration limited to 1 time slot per residence.


  • Registration and Proof of residency* is required for all attendees.
  • Residents of host and co-host towns may attend their own town's collection at no charge.
  • Residents of Abington, Cohasset, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Middleboro, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Rockland, Scituate, Weymouth and Whitman may attend out of town events. Town will cover the cost.
  • Residents of Hanover, Hingham, Hull and Kingston may attend out of town events at no cost IF they obtain and bring a Visitor Authorization Form from their own town's DPW. Please note the limits on the subsidized quantity on the form.
    • If you have more material than specified, bring a check to SSRC for excess quantities. (details below)

* Proof of residency includes driver's license, car registration, tax or utility bill, or transfer station/recycling center sticker.

Quantity and Cost

Costs are based on container size for liquids (not contents), and approximate weight for solids, payable by check to SSRC (if not subsidized by your town):

Less than 10 gallons/10 lbs $35
10-25 gallons/10-25 lbs $59
Each additional quantity up to 25 gallons/lbs $59

NOTE: A bag of fertilizer may weigh more than 25 lbs

Items that are brought in trash bags (except friable asbestos) will be left in the car, please place items in a box or unwanted tote before arriving to the event.

Contact SSRC at, or 781-329-8318 to confirm that material is acceptable, and prearrange payment.


Acceptable Items

Oil (Alkyd) Paint *, Paint Thinner, Lacquers, Wood Stains
Oils *
Gasoline / Lighter Fluid / Kerosene / Other Fuels
Aerosols & Spray Paints
Pesticides / Herbicides Liquids and Solids
Pool Chemicals
Epoxy Hardeners
Cleaning Products (bleach, ammonia, etc…)
Oil / Solvent soaked rags
Driveway Sealant
Wood Strippers
Mercury containing products * — see
Elemental Mercury — please call 781-329-8218, or email ahead. There may be a better solution.

Accepted At Some Events

Motor Oil *
Antifreeze *
Latex Paint **
Non-Alkaline Batteries *
Lead Acid Batteries *
Prescription Medications *
Compact & Straight Fluorescent Tubes *
Asbestos Tiles (non-friable) - Max 50lbs (two contractor bags). Please call 781-329-8218, or email ahead.
Asbestos (friable) - wetted and double bagged. Max 50lbs (2 contractor bags). Please call 781-329-8218, or email ahead.

Unacceptable Items

Industrial Waste
Needles/Sharps *
Radioactive Material
Pathological and Medical Waste
Gas Cylinders *

SSRC will NOT accept LATEX PAINT at any event EXCEPT Hanover. We really mean it! If you bring it, our staff might give you the stink-eye and ask you to step out of line to sort it from the hazardous stuff.

If you are going to be dropping off LATEX PAINT at the Hanover event,
please make sure it is USABLE and it is SEPARATED from your hazardous waste.

Do NOT include LATEX PAINT in your quantity estimate in your form.

Please remember most paint is latex paint. Here is a hint: if it cleans up with soap and water, is water-based, acrylic, or has low VOC's, it is probably latex and it can be disposed of by following these simple steps
(click here).